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Tools - General System Utilities

General System Utilities

Security is as much about understanding the technology as it is about understand the tools used to manage and circumvent it.  This page provide many useful tools for security administrators and penetration testers.  In some cases these tools have become scare to locate on the internet.  In most cases, these tools are no-cost implementations removing the bar for use.  KMBL Security is not responsible for how these tools are used by visitors.  Download these tools and use them at your own risk.   

Tool Classifications

File or Link Purpose
User Migration Tool
  • Link to the Microsoft provided Official migration widzrd to move user files when moving from an old PC to a new PC.  Tool support migrations from:
    -  Windows XP
    -  Vista
    -  Windows 7
    -  Windows 8.x

    to a new Windows 10 PC.  This free officially licensed tool can be found at this Microsoft link  
HP Flash Drive Boot Tool Allows you to make almost any Flash drive or CD Rom bootable. It requires the normal boot files (e.g. IO.sys, msdos.sys etc..) This is a hard to find utility but a real life saver. The bootable files are provided as a separate download.
Darik's Boot and Nuke ISO The file must be burnt onto a CD using a utility like Deep Burner above. Once burnt, the disk is bootable and will wipe a drive, partition or multiple disks. This is an unrecoverable operation. Great for preparing drives prior to giving a system away.  For usage instructions, click here
PowerPoint to Flash Converter This office plug-in will allow you to convert your PowerPoint presentations into a flash (SWF) file for upload to Adobe Connect. Great for creating a looping lobby or other environment.
Eraser This utility is an advanced security tool for Windows which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns.  It is also used to clear file tips to prepare Virtual hard Drives for maximum compaction.