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KMBL Security provides the copies or pointers to a host of useful tools to aid in your management experience.  In some cases these tools have become scarce to locate on the internet, which is why they are hosted here locally.  In most cases, these tools are no-cost implementations removing the bar for use.  KMBL Security is not responsible for how these tools are used by visitors.  Download these tools and use them at your own risk.  

Tool Categories

File or Link Purpose
General Utilities Tools that are general maintenance, support, or do not otherwise fit into another category.
Network Specific Tools Online tools to provide support with issues such as:
- Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) address space allocations and networks
- SubNet Mask Calculator
- MAC Address Look-up Utility 

Penetration Testing Tools This area provides a variety of tool that can be used for Network and Host Penetration testing or Computer Forensics.  This tools are constantly changing and becoming more difficult to locate, this is a static archive resource. 
Windows Workstation and Server Specific Tools This archive provides general purpose tools for locating Windows system maintenance and recovery tools.  These include recovery of corrupted Profile transfers, clean boot disk files, and Root Kit revealers.