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 Script Repository

What Qualifies to be here?

If there was a script I needed to write during my time in the OFFSEC OSCP course or for some other purpose and the script would otherwise not cross-walk back a specific engagement, then it eligible to end up here.  I not the best coder in the world and many of these examples are here to demo how to do something you may be trying to accomplish in your code.  All I request is that you provide me attribution if you republish the script, unless you use these scripts for illegal purposes (in that case no attribution please!):

Purpose Summary Demonstrated Elements File
Script loops through a specified network segment and identifies all SNMP listeners, and queries for Users, Ports, and Installed Software - Displays user prompts
- Captures User Input
- Creates Temp Files
- Users Temp files as inputs
- Appends output to a file
Script loops through a list of DNS Servers to determine if a DNS Zone Transfer is possible; if possible it documents the DNS Zone Transfer results - Displays user prompts
- Captures user input
- Uses grep to parse output from a "host -t" command
- Performs a simple loop
- Writes output to a file
Script add a feeder list looping functionality to the script in Kali so that you can loop through a list of target systems to determine smb client information.    Check the enum4linux page for additional options you can toggle on in this script
- Displays user prompt for file
- Performs simple loop
- Performs a cat to grab the next line from an input file
- Writes output to a file
Script loops through a list of subdomains provided in a text file and checks the SSL cipher strength using the nmap ssl-enum-ciphers script and grep's the output for only weak and broken results - Prompts for user input file
- Creates results file for capturing output
- Performs simple loop
- GREPs results of script output to filter for only specified results
Queries Internet connected Hash repositories searching for previously cracked responses tro a provided Hash value - Syntax Examples: 
Locate a single hash: 
python MD5 -h "098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6"

Locate multiple via file: 
python MYSQL -f mysqlhashesfile.txt

Locate precomputed hash via google search only: 
python MD5 -g "098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6"