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  This site will undergo a series of content updates over the next 60 days (as time permits).  If you are externally linking to these resources, please monitor for changes in link path.

Special Interest Items:

  - Linux Exploit Suggester (LES-Online
  - FindMyHash - Online pre-computed hash locator script
SANS Cyber Aces - Free online cybersecurity training and tutorials  (New) 
- SANS 504 Hacker TTP & IR Study Materials (New) 

               Interesting Exploit Code:  Tracking: 
58 Samples   ( # New: 6 )

Dark/Deep Web Search Tools:

      Onion.Link     &     Icerocket

About This Site: is your source for tools, tutorials, educational resources, and general information on Cyber Defensive tactics and Penetration Testing.  We no longer curate Defensive related news; there are too many other sources for this information.

Permalink Resources:

 - DHS Cyber
 - Report Phishing and Suspicious Websites
 - Post-Hack Support Resources / Numbers
 - Report Suspected Terrorism
 - Analyze Suspect File or Hash
 - Locate CVE's by OS or Application
 - Phishing and Urban Legend Search
 - URL Risk Analyzer 

 - Shortened URL Link Analyzer
 - Domain Age Checker 
 - S
hell Code Assembly / Disassembly 
MAC Address Look-up Tool 
 - Microsoft Online Bulletin Search (New)

Permalink Guides / Papers:

    - Guide to improving State Gov't Cybersecurity
    - State Gov't Guide: FIPS 140-2 Compliance
System Hardening GPO's for NIST Compliance
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