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News                                      (Updated on 1/16/2017)

  St Jude patches critical flaws in Merlin@home defibrillators and pacemakers
  LE warrants > 15 yrs show CarTapping of connected cars for location / audio
  Regulate ICS opr / mandate cybersecurity since self-regulation ignored
  OPSEC for Social Media, a response to a target rich OSINT environment **
  E-Sports Entertainment reports 1.5m online gaming play profiles compromised
  Lack of firmware update on home routers = Exploit Kit DNS hijack DNS
  GoDaddy revokes 8900 suspect SSL certificates due to verification server flaw
  Bullguard releases a free IoT Scanner to search Shodan for hosts from your network
  Hello Kitty catastrophe, 3.3m accounts breached from 2015 discovered
  Netflix users targeted in Phisihg Scam
  Republican Tech Billionaire Peter Thiel of Facebook considering run for CA Governor
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