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Part of understanding security, whether it be penetration testing, hacking, or basic security measures is how to apply concepts in a practical way.  This video archive is a collection of videos used to cover key concepts and methods which I have used for educational purposes.  These videos have been collected from numerous sources over the years.  These videos are provided as a resource and are property of their individual creators.  Use of these resources on systems not directly owned by the user may be a violation of law; these videos are provided for educational purposes only and we are not responsible for the tactics demonstrated being misused by viewers.   

Security Related Videos

Title Content:
Practical Demonstration of the Risks Associated with Not Patching Legacy Software A brief simulated phishing exercise using a poisoned PDF file with a Metasploit reverse shell.  (Extract mp4 from zip to play)
Configuring Network Authentication This video covers the concepts of network and remote authentication techniques to include NTLM, Kerberos, PAP, CHAP, EAP, and PEAP.  Additionally it covers how to use Group Policy to enforce these authentication types.
Hackers, Outlaws, and Angels - Discovery Channel (Excerpt) This video covers the generalities of hacking, cyber thieves, and Penetration / Security testers and their different roles.  This video is an excerpt from the Discovery Channels expose on the subject.
Two-Factor Authentication Overview Topics covered include what is authentication and how two-factor authentication differs from single factor authentication. Topics covered include risk factors of single factor authentication and Google open authentication implementations.
Eavesdropping on Bluetooth Headsets This video provides a demonstration of how to use HI gain antennas and common techniques to eavesdrop and inject audio into a targets Bluetooth headset.
Null Session Enumeration This demonstration covers the techniques used to remotely connect to a target and then enumerate the target hosts user accounts using the Get Account Tool, Cain and Able, and smbdumpusers. Topics covered also include a brief overview of Relative ID (RID).
Alternate Data Streams in Windows This video provides a practical demonstration of Alternate Data Streams (ADS) within Windows and includes the steps to create and view the stream.
Basic SQL Injection Attack Overview This video covers the general concepts of what an SQL injection attack is, what a simplified attack looks like; and why improper input validation places your web site at risk.
Command Line User Account Tricks Demonstrates how to bypass windows group policy restrictions for executing the CMD.exe file. This video also demonstrate how to use the Net User command to inject new uses on the system; reset an existing users password; and how to create a new users with administrative permissions.
Demonstration of Launching a Denial of Service Attack using LOIC This demonstration shows how an attacker can use pre-built tools such as the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) to create very simple denial or distributed Denial of service attacks (if implemented by multiple systems).
hping3 Tutorial This video covers how to craft packets using HPING to create custom IP packets which can bypass normal firewall filtering. This video includes a practical demonstration.
One time Password Logon Overview This video provides a vender specific overview of how One-Time Passwords (OTP) can provide enhanced security of the network and thwart key loggers and other tactics used to compromise and steal account credentials.
Dr Manzers Web Security Spoof video on cyber security, highly entertaining.
Java 7 Exploit A remote exploit using a Java 7 zeroday