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Education - Kaplan University Papers

Kaplan University Publicly Released Resources

This page contains a portion of prior course work and various resources produced during my tenure at Kaplan University, while attending the Bachelors' of Information Technology and Masters of Information Technology programs.  I am making these papers public as resources for other students.  Proper attribution is required for there use; direct duplication of content is an academic violation.  KMBL Security hosts these pages as a public service and is not responsible for the content or opinions contained within.  It is a use violation to offer these papers for sale or thorough a subscription service without the express written permission of the author. 

Public Domain Papers & Resources

Title Description
Data Flow Diagram (DFD) Visio Stencil (correct shapes) This is the result of numerous searches for the correct Visio stencil shapes for a DFD diagram as displayed in most Systems Analysis and Design text books.  The was originally located on Prof. Caster's blog page (Oregon University) and modified by myself to add the shapes to the stencil master with a few minor corrections.  Special thanks to Prof Caster for posting this material.
IT273 Subnet - A Practical Overview A scenario-based application of subnets in a multi-LAN / WAN scenario. Designed to walk through the considerations involved in complex subnet situations.
IT278 Creating a Virtual Machine using PC2007 Directly from the Kaplan University Archives. Provided as a walk-thru for other students that may be stuck. This content is property of Kaplan University.
IT278 Setting Up a Domain Controller, Step-by-Step From the Kaplan University student resources. This guide provides the click by click steps for installing a Windows 2003 domain controller. Great resource for someone who needs a quick hand. This content is property of Kaplan University and provides solely for aiding other students.
IT278 Sample Linux / Windows Junior Administrator Guide Example Sample Administers guide covering a mixed operating system environment that includes both the OpenSuse and Windows 2003. Tasks covered in this example are New Account Creation, Group Membership Management, and Installation of Printers on specified print servers.
IT286 Access Control Overview Presentation A PowerPoint presentation for students covering the 4 Access Control Models: MAC, DAC, RBAC, and RB-RBAC.
IT320 File System Comparisons and Overviews This paper compares and contrasts the UNIX, Linux, and Windows file systems. Included are a comparisons of FAT, FAT32, and NTFS file systems.
IT500 Amazon Ecommerce Business Analysis This papers analyzes the core competencies demonstrated by as part of a ecommerce needs statement scenario.  Significant detail into Amazon's efficiencies is detailed.
IT500 Ecommerce Considerations and Strategies This paper considers the required issues that needs to be considered with regards to the implementation of a successful ecommerce deployment.
IT510 Human Computer Interface Hotel Reservation Scenario This papers steps through the design considerations of a web-based Hotel Reservations system from a Human Computer Interactions perspective.  It includes usability and workflow considerations.
IT511 SDLC Software Project Example An instructor provided example of what a Software Development project using SDLC might look like.  This is a documented example, saved as a PDF.  To use used for concepts only, not to be replicated for a delivered project!
IT521 Automated Neural Networks - Analysis of Coors Beer Flavoring This paper explores the historical efforts used by Coors beer with the use of Automated Neural Networks to seek flavoring option for its international product lines.
IT540 HIPPA Analysis of Veteran Administration Eye Clinic This paper expresses the experience of the author during a vist to a local VA eye clinic and provides perspective on the observed compliance of HIPPA within the facility.
IT590 Ethics of IT Software Distributions This paper provides analysis on the ethics from alegal and cultural perspective of software distributions and the implications of publishing known flawed source code
SS310 The Sociological Impacts of War on Society and the Media A summary of the history, background and psychological impacts of the assassination of
United States Senator Robert F. Kennedy on the American people. This perspective covers the relevant events leading up to and through the assassination. The post assassination analyses of the impacts are addressed in the final portion of this paper.
SS310 Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s Assignation: Psychological Impacts on the American People A summary of the historical and sociological impacts of the Cold War on Americans focusing on the period of 1960-1969. Historical factors prior to this period are provided for
reference. This paper attempts to provide a prism in which to understand and evaluate these
impacts as well as provide opinions on the lasting effects on modern day society.